Lately, I have been reflecting on my life, especially my life in the deen and came to realize that they were especially three major things that definitely took my eeman to another level maa shaa Allah TabarakAllah. It makes so much sense to me as to why these three fields are also part of the six pillars of Eeman.

A little over ten years ago, I was grieving the loss of my child, Jibril Yahya and instead of turning towards the anti-depressants my doctor prescribed, I turned to Islamic lectures on youtube. At the time, I felt helpless, I felt clueless as to my purpose of living and I was in pain so I searched for any lecture that dealt with grief from an Islamic perspective and came across the series on the tafsir of surah Yusuf.

I remembered hearing in the past, how surah Yusuf was the perfect surah for anyone dealing with trials and grief and so I absorbed every bit of that series.

I was also on bed rest at the time so the series was playing on and on throughout the day and night. The reflections or Tadabbur of the teacher really mirrored what I was going through as if he knew me and was addressing me directly. Alhamdulillah I understood this was from Allah Azza Wajal.

I also realized that I needed to learn more about Qur’an. If I could experience the healing power of the Qur’an without knowledge, how would it be once I acquire knowledge!?

My journey with the Qur’an began. My very first Islamic course was ‘Divine Speech’ , a course Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan came to Atlanta to teach at Masjid Al Farooq. This class just deepened the thirst I had for knowledge of the Qur’an, so up I went joining an online course to learn the Arabic letters, then joined the local Masjid’s Sunday classes as well. Gradually, slowly but surely, I was acquiring more knowledge and falling deeply in love with Tafsir and Qur’an Reflections (i.e Tadabbur).

Alhamdulillah, I benefitted so much from all these classes that when I started teaching sisters how to read, I had to share with them some gems from each surah we read together.

I didn’t know at the time that this was called Tadabbur and I didn’t have a methodology in place until I took a Tadabbur class with sister Sumayya of Recite and Reflect. This class gave me the structure and methodology of Tadabbur and I fell in love all over again with the Qur’an.

I tend to share what really moves my heart so it was a no brainer for me that after taking a couple of classes with sister Sumayah, I felt the need to set up a Tadabbur class on WhatsApp. I was already teaching Tadabbur but now I had the structure and the methodology to improve the learning experience. I wanted many sisters to connect with the Qur’an at a deeper level so I made time for it and made it available to whoever was interested. I wanted them to race to their Qur’an to find comfort the way I did during my grief. I wanted them to be hooked the way I was hooked. My dear sister and friend who also took the Tadabbur class with sister Sumayya joined me and Tadabbur 101 was created. Tadabbur 101 was an amazing experience. Sisters really benefitted, started reading Qur’an more, started changing some of their ways and subhannAllah some even began covering! The life changing impact of engaging in Tadabbur is REAL! A definite eeman booster in my life and in that of many others.

We have since included in our Al AN for U curriculum, Tadabbur classes of Juzz Amma and of Juzz Tabarak. Alhamdulillah the Tadabbur classes taught online by me, (Umm Yahya) and sister Joi Faison Saleem are available on our learning platform and any sister who is interested in Tadabbur can learn at her own pace. Click on the picture below to see the classes we offer.

As believers, it is a must that we believe in the books revealed to the prophets (peace be upon them) of Allah Azza Wajal. The last book revealed is the Qur’an. Spending time learning and pondering over it is an eeman booster sisters. Tadabbur is one of the main reasons, the Qur’an was revealed as per the ayah in surah Sad (38:27)

This is a Book which We have sent down to you, full of blessings, that they may ponder over its Ayat, and that men of understanding may remember.

I love teaching the tadabbur classes because I know how much Tadabbur has changed my life!
Tadabbur is one of the three major eeman boosters in my life. Alhamdulillah for Tadabbur, Quran and this amazing deen!😍💕✨

I pray that you will start your Tadabbur journey Al An (الآن meaning now in Arabic). If not now, then hopefully sometime today because time to do good is now!

A separate post will be made for the other two eeman boosters. Stay tuned in shaa Allah.

In the mean time, please share with me some of your eeman boosters!🤗

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