Tips on guarding our soul this Rajab!

Assalamu Aleykum wa Rahmatullah sisters. 

I hope you are all doing well. 

I have a little brainstorm exercise for you today.

 💭 What can we do to guard our souls in a sacred month? Try to spend some time thinking about this question to get ready not only for this month of Rajab but also for the upcoming Ramadan bi idhnillah. In the meantime, here are some suggestions to get you started.

  1. Increase in the remembrance of Allah with the following:
    • Morning and Evening Adhkar,
    • Extra prayers (Tahajjud, rawatib, Duha etc)
    • Revising memorized suwar
    • Memorizing new ayaat or du’a or hadith
    • Reading with Tadabbur
    • Listening to Qur’an
    • Studying Tajweed
    • Istighfar regularly
    • Repeating most beloved words to Allah ﷻ
    • Salawat alaa nabi ﷺ regularly.
  2. Control desires by:
    • Speaking less
    • Keeping good company
    • Fasting
    • Du’a
    • Finding out about halal and doing it
    • Finding out about haram and avoiding it
    • Avoiding bad environments
    • Reducing interactions with distractions
    • Committing the night to mostly sleep and worship

 I chose these two because in his book, illness and cure, ibnul Qayyim, Rahimahullah, shares how the two biggest weapons Shaytan uses against us are our negligence in remembering Allah and our tendency to just follow our desires. Thus, if we work on weakening these two weapons, we in shaa Allah will be stronger at saving our souls.

What else comes to mind as far as preserving our soul in a sacred month? Feel free to share so we all benefit in shaa Allah.

The sacred month of Rajab started today or maybe for some tomorrow in shaa Allah check your local masjid for the exact date. May Allah give us tawfeeq. 

Go ahead and do some good by sharing this post with anyone you think might benefit. 🤩

Binta Umm Yahya is the owner of Al An 4 U Online Coaching which is an online platform for Qur’an lessons, Islamic studies and Lifecoaching for Muslimas and women interested in Islam. She has an ijazah in teaching Qur’an with Tajwid and  has been teaching Qur’an for over 7 years now and is an ongoing student of Qur’an with her husband imam Ahmed Abu Suhailah. She loves reciting, teaching and reflecting on the Qur’an. She is a Certified Master Lifecoach and a NLP Practitioner who absolutely enjoys coaching her sisters in faith to help them gain clarity, focus and understanding of their religion so they live their best life and connect to their Maker. Whenever she is not teaching or coaching, you can often find her staring at the sky, reading or journaling with a big cup of tea. 🙂

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