The light in my grave ✨


I was preparing a Tadabbur class on Suratul Qiyyamah and read this in the tafsir books:

“But no! Rather you love the present life of this world. And neglect the Hereafter.) meaning, the only thing that has caused them to reject the Day of Judgement and oppose the true revelation and the Mighty Qur’an Allah revealed to His Messenger is that their only concern is the present worldly life. They are preoccupied and distracted from the Hereafter.
As Sa’di:“The delight of this life and its splendor are present, and humans love that which is at hand.
The eternal delights of the Hereafter, in contrast, will come later. This is why you neglect it and react with heedlessness towards it, as if you were never created for it, as if this life is the eternal life in which cause, the best of the age terms are spent and efforts of the days and nights are utilized”

SubhanAllah! All i could think of was how many of us say we don’t have time to study the book of Allah, to recite it, to ponder over it, to spend time on it, yet the time we are blessed with came from the One Who revealed this Noble Qur’an.

He out of His Mercy chose His chief Angel to deliver His Message to His Noble Messenger peace and blessings be upon him. That Messenger would for over 23 years go through painful moments to receive the heavy revelation and we say we don’t have time for it.🙁

Now is the time to do good! We have today, we have now to make a change in our schedules and make time for the speech of Allah. Make time for it today dear sis’, it is your light in the Hereafter, it is my light in the Hereafter. May Allah increase us in beneficial knowledge. Aameen!

If you want to learn more about attaching oneself to the Hereafter, stay tuned, because in shaa Allah, next month I am releasing a course I taught on zuhd called living simply for the Akhirah. This course will bi idhnillah help you attach yourself to the Akhirah more and detach yourself from this Dunya. Happiness lies in detaching ourselves from the temporary while attaching ourselves to the Eternal.

If you want to be among the first to get notified about this course, click here to set up your free account on our learning portal.

Time to do good is now! Go ahead and do some good by sharing this post with anyone you think might benefit. 🤩

Binta Umm Yahya is the owner of Al An 4 U Online Coaching which is an online platform for Qur’an lessons, Islamic studies and Lifecoaching for Muslimas and women interested in Islam. She has been teaching Qur’an for over 7 years now and is an ongoing student of Qur’an with her husband imam Ahmed Abu Suhailah. She loves reciting, teaching and reflecting on the Qur’an. She is a Certified Master Lifecoach with ten years of experience and a NLP Practitioner who absolutely enjoys coaching her sisters in faith to help them gain clarity, focus and understanding of their religion so they live their best life and connect to their Maker.

Whenever she is not teaching or coaching, you can find her staring at the sky, reading or journaling with a big cup of tea. 🙂

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  1. JazakAllah khiran. Your writings are always full of hikmah and subhanAllah when i read this one i really moved me becoz i really am going through tough time.


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