A list of helpful thoughts 💭

Preparing for trials with empowering thoughts and words:


All of us will go through trials in this life so why not be intentional about them and think of how we want to show up when hit by a trial. The more you envision how you want to be, what you want to say and how you want to feel, the easier it will be to do just that when the time comes bi idhnillah.

When something you dislike happens, protect your thoughts from the devil’s whispers by saying these adhkar:

1.”Qaddara Allahu wa ma sha’a fa’ala (Allah has decreed and whatever he wills, He does).

2.’Al-hamdu lillahi ‘ala kulli hal (Praise is to Allah in all circumstances).'”

  1. innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raaji‛oon, Allahumma-jurni fi musibati wa akhlif li khayran mina

‘To Allah we belong and unto Him is our return. O Allah, recompense me for my affliction and replace it for me with something better.’

The above three are amazing ways for us to react when we are facing unpleasant things.

Here are some of the empowering thoughts I choose to think in times of trials, in addition to the above statements (feel free to use them):

  1. Life/my Qadr is always working out for me!🌱
  2. Worry only pretends to be useful, it never is. Make du’a instead.
  3. Everything that is meant to happen does.
  4. Everything that is not meant to happen never does.
  5. No true failure in this life, just feedback.
  6. No true success in this life just feedback.
  7. Failure is entering hell. Success is entering Jannah.
  8. Alhamdulillah this is good for me.
  9. Allah decrees for me not against me.
  10. Proceed with more faith than fear.
  11. What can I learn from this?
  12. How is this situation an opportunity for rewards with my Rabb?
  13. What people think of me is more about them than about me.

These have really helped me feel calm and in control when facing something unpleasant. Remember your thoughts generate your emotions. 🌱😊

Last week in our book club, we also went over some advice from Ibnul Qayyim when dealing with calamities and this passage of the book really touched me:

Know that this calamity is a beneficial medicine given to the person from The Ultimate Doctor and Healer who has full knowledge of what will benefit the person and is Most Merciful towards him. Therefore be patient and swallow your dose of medicine, and don’t vomit the medicine with anger and complaints, thus losing the benefit. “

May Allah aid us to have a beautiful patience during trials and face our qadr in a way that is pleasing to Him. I have released a new coaching package early that is called inner healing. In this package, there are two comprehensive modules where I teach my sisters how to deal with their thoughts and emotions in a way that is healthy and pleasing to their Lord. This package also includes some one on one coaching sessions with me. Prices are going up in January so if you are interested in this package at the current price, click here to find out more. Also, if you know a sister who may benefit from this post, please share the khayr.

Binta Umm Yahya is the owner of Al An 4 U Online Coaching which is an online platform for Qur’an lessons, Islamic studies and Lifecoaching for Muslimas and women interested in Islam.

She has been teaching Qur’an for over 7 years now and is an ongoing student of Qur’an with her husband imam Ahmed Abu Suhailah. She loves reciting, teaching and reflecting on the Qur’an. She is a Certified Master Lifecoach and a NLP Practitioner who absolutely enjoys coaching her sisters in faith to help them gain clarity, focus and understanding of their religion so they live their best life and connect to their Maker. Whenever she is not teaching or coaching, you can find her staring at the sky, reading or journaling with a big cup of tea. 🙂

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